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Skills for working - Get off to the best career start

Kick-start your career with the essential soft skills everyone needs to know – but no school, university, or organization teaches systematically. This course is designed to fill the gap and will introduce you to critical skills like professional behavior, communication, confidence, resilience, and time management. The course is also highly relevant if you come to Denmark from another country and quickly need to learn Danish workplace culture and expectations.

Succeed from the beginning of your first job

Many soft skills you need to thrive and succeed at work are unwritten rules and practices. And they are not easy to quantify or measure. Nonetheless, they are essential if you are to truly succeed in almost any industry or profession.

Consequently, soft skills usually take years to learn. But there is no good reason why anyone should start their career without them, and the course demystifies the most important of them into practical “how-to” advice. You get a wide range of skills that will allow you to progress faster to a higher level of performance.

The course serves as a natural and obvious add-on to most organizations’ typical onboarding programs for young hires.


The course is for you who are transitioning from school/university to work life. You are typically in the first years of your professional career. Additionally, the course is for you who are new to Danish / Northern European work culture and want to get up to speed fast.

Learning Objectives

  • Tools to constructively use feedback for personal growth
  • Understanding of how to build confidence in yourself and your skills
  • Improved resilience when under pressure, experiencing frustrations, etc.
  • Understanding of professional behavior and etiquette
  • Knowledge of professional communication principles
  • Guide to behaviors and techniques that build trust and create influence
  • Knowledge of practical and efficient time management principles
  • Strengthened organizational power

Course Content

  • Focusing on one’s strengths instead of weaknesses
  • Deliberately using feedback for personal growth
  • How to gain confidence and handle mistakes
  • Resilience techniques
  • Professional behavior and etiquette
  • Workplace communication essentials, including email and conversation
  • Teamworking, including how to build trust and constructively manage disagreement
  • Powerful techniques to help you manage your time


Before the course, participants must read chapter 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 of the book 12 Universal Skills. in electronic format approximately 14 days before the start of the course. The book will be handed out on the course in physical format, as well.

The course focuses on exercises combined with theory and real-life stories. Exercises are done in groups, depending on the subject.

The course is held in English unless all participants are Danish-speaking.

Do you have any course related questions, please contact