Solar energy - Quality assurance, TDD and field and laboratory measurements

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Solar energy - Quality assurance, TDD and field and laboratory measurements

Why is it important to ensure a high quality of your solar energy system, and how can Technical Due Dilligence (TDD) help with this? Find the answer here. You can find more information about field and laboratory measurements of a system, and if you need measurements of this kind, you are welcome to contact us. You can also read more about our services here.

Quality assurance

Investing in a solar cell system is attractive to both private persons and public and private organizations, and there are many advantages of investing, such as low operating costs, a long useful life of the system and future-proofing of the electricity generation in a building without sending out pollutants in the environment.

It is a commonly held belief that solar cell systems are relatively simple to install and that you can save a great deal of money by installing the system by yourself with the righ guidance. However, problems with the quality of the system and its life time can arise, if you do not have a minimum of acquaintance with dimensioning and service assessment, quality assurance of components, electric installations, regulatory requirements, assembly work etc. In this way, to mount and install a solar cell system requires a compound knowledge, and during the process, many situations can arise, where the electrician is on shaky ground and prone to making mistakes.

Examples of mistakes in solar cell systems can be:

  • Intrusion of damp in the system, which is caused by bad quality of materials or bad quality in the lamination process
  • Wrong placement of the system, 
  • Change of colour in the cells
  • Missing adequate documentation

The mistakes are often found in a running system, by operation failure, low electricity generation, visual changes in the solar cell panels or by finding out that damp intruses the building under the solar cell system.

Luckily, the vast majority of systems are conducted in a satisfactory quality, will do as expected and live up to the expecteud life time. There are, however, good reasons to get your solar cell system quality-assured and controlled frequently, including the safety in knowing that your investment in the solar cell system is secured, and that the electricity generation is satisfying. Danish Technological Institte has during the years conducted system controls and quality assurances on both small and big solar cell systems, and we can also help with controlling and quality ensure your system.
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Technical Due Dilligence

Technical due dilligence (TDD) is an examination of a building or a system, which can provide information about the condition of the building or system. It investigates and registers the building or the system's external and internal components and its installations. Moreover, it can verify how the different parts of the facility take place.

A TDD examination is helpful in different situations. It can contribute with a preliminary estimation and examination of systems that are not yet carried out, which is very useful before you invest in a solar cell system. TDD can also include an examination and estimation of tender requirements and incoming offers for bigger solar cell projects. Under the construction of a building or a system, a TDD can conduct techinal assessments and confirm whether the construction lives up to the established requirements to for example design or placement. A TDD can also check up on and keep track of how far  in the process you are. In addition, a TDD can be used to go through existing solar cell system's condition, which comes in handy when you wish to invest in for example a property with integrated solar cells. By knowing the condition of the solar cell system, you avoid investing in a system with potential faults and shortcomings.

If you need counselling about supply, preliminary project assessments or a TDD, do not hesitate to contacting us. We offer executions of TDD in the level of detail that you need.

Field and laboratory measurements

If you do not yet have a solar cell system, which needs to be controlled or quality ensured, but on the other hand wish to find out more about whether it is possible to install solar cells in the building that you live in, own or have the responsibility for, we can help you. Our specialists have great experience with and knowledge of thermal and electric exploitation of solar energy, and they are able to carry out measurements and evaluations of systems, both on the spot and in the laboratory.

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