The Refrigerant Factbook for Network & Knowledge

Svenn Ole Kjøller Hansen

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The Refrigerant Factbook for Network & Knowledge

International Information Centre for Sustainable Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology - (ICST)

The main idea is that ICST shall represent an international neutral technological un-political and transparent platform for everybody, who deals with all types of refrigerant applications such as refrigeration systems, heat pumps, Air Conditioning at a political, scientific and practical level.

ICST shall work towards the establishment of a global alliance for “the right selection of refrigerant for the application” with regard to environmental, financial, technical and social aspects, including the promotion of environmentally friendly refrigerants with minimum influence on the ozone layer and with minimum global warming, meaning natural refrigerants such as HC, NH3, CO2, etc. Synthetic refrigerants such as CFC, HCFC, HFC or HFO could also be “the right selection of refrigerant for the application”, but the aim is to reduce the amount of applications, where natural refrigerants cannot be used, to a minimum.

The primary tool to meet the mission and objective is to give everybody worldwide access to updated network and knowledge on this international web-portal – in English language.

Draft proposal for ICST
The establishment of ICST is at a very early stage at the moment ...

You can get the very first draft proposal here: 

Please contact the secretariat for further information:

Secretariat for 'Information Centre for Sustainable Technology' ICST
c/o Danish Technological Institute
Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology
Kongsvang Allé 29
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Telephone: +45 7220 1267