TEPSIE - European Social Innovation

Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard

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TEPSIE - European Social Innovation

TEPSIE (Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Foundations for Social Innovation in Europe) was a research collaboration between six European institutions aimed at understanding the theoretical, empirical and policy foundations for developing the field of social innovation in Europe.

Read the Final TEPSIE Summary Report or download the individual final reports below:

Final TEPSIE reports


TEPSIE newsletters


The TEPSIE project

The consortium members were:

The consortium designed a research programme aimed at preparing the way for developing the tools, methods and policies that would become part of the EU strategy for social innovation. TEPSIE’s purpose was to strengthen the foundations for other researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to help develop the field of social innovation. As such, the research programme mapped the field and reviewed theories, models and methods, identified gaps in existing practices and policies, and pointed toward the priorities for future strategies.

The project was divided into eight content-related work packages:

  1. Overview of the system of social innovation
  2. Measuring social innovation
  3. Removing barriers to social innovation
  4. Generating capital flows
  5. Engaging citizens in social innovation
  6. Knowing what works
  7. Growing what works
  8. Using online networks for social innovation