Anemometry and Air Flow

Jonas Emil Vind

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Anemometry and Air Flow

Measurement of air velocity is performed in connection with meteorological observations, testing and operation of wind turbines, indoor climatic investigations, emission measurements and optimisation of ventilation systems.

DTI is appointed as the National Reference Laboratory and has a long experience of testing and calibrating anemometers.

How can the Anemometry Laboratory at DTI help you?

The Anemometry Laboratory offers calibration of air velocity meters in the range 0.05 - 30 m/s, e.g.

  • Thermo anemometers
  • Vane wheel anemometers
  • Pitot tubes with auxiliary measuring instrument
  • Velometers

To ensure the highest possible accuracy we use a wind tunnel at high velocities and a towing tank at low velocities. In the wind tunnel the references is a Laser Doppler Anemometry system and in the towing tank, it is Time and Distance.

The Anemometry Laboratory offers calibration of air flow meters in the range 0.4 - 300 l/min. See registration No. 200 for detailed specifications of the calibration services and the current measuring capacities.

We perform special tests for customers in our wind tunnel, e.g. in cooperation with Danish Technological Institute’s centre for ventilation. In connection with this it will be possible to supplement with Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA).

We also calibrate micro manometers in our Pressure laboratory.

Measuring ranges

At air velocities of 0.3 - 30 m/s the measurement uncertainties are:
+/- 0.02 m/s in the range 0.05 – 0.7 m/s

+/- 0.0083 to 0.046 m/s in the range 0.3 - 10 m/s
+/- 0.046 to 0.15 m/s in the range 10 - 30 m/s

At air flows of 0.4 - 300 l/min the measurement uncertainties are:
+/- 0.010 l/min + 0.025 *q by air flow 0.4 - 2l/min
+/- 0.081 l/min + 0.029 *q by air flow 1.5 - 300 l/min