Components for Drinking Water - Migration Testing

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Components for Drinking Water - Migration Testing

Products or components that are part of the water supply or the house installation must not emit substances harmful to health, taste or smell into the drinking water.

But how can you be sure, your products do not?
And can you document it if they don't? 

To be able to document that your products always comply with applicable legal requirements regarding contamination of drinking water, there are various national approval or certification schemes that can issue an approval or a certificate. The Danish Technological Institute can not only advise and help you on the various schemes and requirements no matter if it is for the Danish market, elsewhere in Europe or for specific markets outside Europe, but we can perform the migration tests required for the specific market for you as well. 

An approval, a certificate or a continuous self-control is based on migration testing, carried out in an accredited laboratory, as well as on continuous control by a third-party supervisory body, for products with a large amount of water contact.

For products of organic materials, i.e. e.g. plastic and rubber materials, the Danish Technological Institute can help you with the migration test and subsequent analyses in our accredited laboratory:

Migration test
  • In cold water/23 ᵒC
  • in warm/60 ᵒC or hot water/85 ᵒC

Analysis of migration water
  • Odour and taste by EN 1420/EN 1622
  • Foam formation
  • TOC by EN 1484
  • Colour by EN ISO 7887
  • Turbidity by EN ISO 7027-1
  • Enhancement of microbiological growth by EN 16421
  • Analysis of a wide range of parameters from the positive lists from UBA regulation

Do you need further information?

If you find yourself in need of further information, or just have questions regarding migration testing and subsequent analyses, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information on the right, or by sending an email to Team Manager Katrine Pindstofte: