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The Wash Lab

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Washing, Drying and Dishwashing
The Wash Lab conducts tests and studies of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and similar equipment. We have more than 20 years of experience in testing of machines and materials.

Quality Control
The Lab’s tests are subject to Danish Technological Institutes Quality Controle and essential test areas are accredited by DANAK. We also participate in international ring-tests with other laboratory’s to ensure repeatable and reproducable test results.

Clients and Services
Our clients include manufacturers, dealers, organisations, consumers, institutions, and State and Government authorities. Tests are conducted in accordance with international methods, such as IEC or EN standards, and the European Commission’s Directives for Energy Labeling. For special needs, for example in product development where the standard is not current with the newest technology, we work closely with our client to set up new testing methods.

Individual Solutions
The Lab performs routine jobs as well as jobs that require individual adaptation and special test equipment. Our experience also give us the necessary background for assessing the ease of handling servicing of products along with their owner manuals. We also carry out activities on research and development projects and contribute to the expediency of standards for both consumers and manufacturers. Our participation in standardization and method development guarantees that our tests are conducted using the latest guidelines and up-to-date information.

Confidentiality and Openness
Test results are the property of the client. Testing and test results are handled confidentially. Clients are welcome to be present during testing. Our ambition is to be a competent, efficient and inspirational service partner.

The parameters of each test are continually registered in our data processing system. Vital test equipment is regularly calibrated and checked. It is also possible to perform ad hoc control of all testing systems with independant reference equipment.

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