Centre for Policy and Business Analysis

Stig Yding Sørensen

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Centre for Policy and Business Analysis

A sound knowledge base is central to all decision making processes, whether in companies or in policy-making.

Centre for Policy and Business Analysis contributes to business development and evidence-based policy-making through analyses, forward-looking comparative studies and strategic dialogues about our societies of tomorrow.

We work closely with our customers and partners to ensure leading edge relevance and value in our work.

Our activities encompass three markets:

  • Information society
  • Education and training systems and labour market policies
  • Innovation and industry policies

To situate our findings in a broader context we actively engage in international socio-economic research and policy analysis. Around 50% of our annual turnover stems from international contracts, R&D and policy analysis.

In the design of policy studies, we use interdisciplinary methods to enable knowledge creation, policy-making and practice to be bridged in ways that can lead to systemic innovation.

The centre has considerable expertise with design and use of innovative methods to engage with user groups and policy makers and to enable strategic futures thinking that leads to change.