IPR and strategy

Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann

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IPR og strategi

IPR and strategy

IPR is an abbreviation of Intellectual Property Rights – or, in Danish, Intellektuelle Ejendomsrettigheder. IPR comprises all forms of protection of techniques, business characteristics, design, industrial design and literary works through patents, utility models, trade marks, copyright and design protection. 

Protection of property rights (IPR) is a very important tool for a great number of companies across many lines of business. The ability to create and share knowledge has become critical for company success. By ensuring strong protection of one’s rights, e.g. through patenting, a company will gain a strong competitive advantage.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • We provide counselling services for inventors and companies in commercial and strategic use of IPR. Our counselling services include:  
  • Obtaining important knowledge from the IPR literature to create a basis for new development projects and ideas  
  • Carrying out technological screening in the patent literature based on your idea
  • Assessing protection options for your idea
  • Analysing the commercial business strategic motives for the protection of your idea and ensuring the best possible protection situation for you  
  • Ensuring that you achieve protection at the right time in relation to your possibilities of utilizing your idea