4C-Temp&Stress for concrete - Description

Mia Schou Møller Lund

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4C-Temp&Stress for concrete - Description

4C-Temp&Stress is a computational tool to calculate temperatures and stresses in hardening concrete structures.

By means of 4C-Temp&Stress the hardening period can be simulated on a pc in order to avoid or minimize early-age thermal cracking during the first few days after casting. The parameters affecting early-age cracking are the casting rate, formwork, insulation, cooling pipes, heating wires, ambient weather conditions, etc.

The results of a calculation may be presented as:

  • Diagrams showing temperature, maturity, strength and stress as functions of time.
  • Isocurves of temperature, maturity, strength and stress at a given time.

Visit our site on Hardening Technology to learn more about the Concrete Centre's services within this field.

Since the mid-1990s 4C-Temp&Stress has been used to document curing and early-age requirements on several large civil structures around the world, including:

  • The Øresund Link between Denmark and Sweden.
  • Copenhagen Metro, deep stations and shafts.
  • Marmaray Railway crossing, Istanbul, Bosphorus Strait Turkey. Bored tunnel, cut and cover, deep stations, Gama-Nurol JV.
  • Sitra bridges, Bahrain, Gamuda Berhad Contractors.
  • Funder highway bridge, Denmark, Züblin - Dyvidag JV.
  • Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul, Turkey.

The latest version of 4C-Temp&Stress, ver. 3.00, was released in November 2016 and is compatible with projects made in previous versions