Cameras with AI open new business opportunities

Carsten Panch Isaksen

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Cameras with AI open new business opportunities

In a MADE Demonstration project with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), the company MRN has investigated the possibility of automating quality checks using cameras and artificial intelligence. Detecting labels on nets of onions enabled the company to see new potential in the technology.

We know all about it from our trips to the local supermarket.

The clerk turns and turns the net of onions, but his search for a bar code is in vain, and he must go down to the green section at the other end of the store to find one with the label intact.

DTI has supported the manufacturer of packaging and palletizing robots and solutions MRN in a MADE Demonstration Project to investigate whether cameras and artificial intelligence could automate checks to see if there is a label on a product.

- It is difficult to use traditional image processing algorithms to perform these checks because the labels are so diverse, says Senior Consultant Carsten Panch Isaksen from DTI.

And here artificial intelligence enters the picture as so-called AI cameras.


From the net of onions to washing machines

Nets of onions was the first task for the AI camera, and it was a success. Therefore, the demonstration project quickly expanded to include other challenges such as spotting valuable electronics in a pile of remote controls, batteries, etc. -- and sorting large items such as washing machines.

- We have seen new opportunities for cameras with artificial intelligence, which we have been able to use for existing customer groups and also for some new customer groups, says Mogens Rosenvang, Director of MRN, about the project.


Carsten Panch Isaksen is sure that AI cameras will soon be capable of a wider range of applications.

- We are likely to see the potential for this type of camera become bigger and bigger in the future, he says.

AI cameras enable people to perform operations that have not previously been possible with traditional cameras, he adds.

MRN is, thanks to the MADE project, now ready to get started with the technology.

- We have been equipped to go out into the world with this, says Mogens Rosenvang.

Hear more about the project in the video at the top of the article.

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