Capex Assessment Plans

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Capex Assessment Plans

DMRI can offer to execute a CAPEX assessment plan – prior to commencing the task of designing, engineering and specifying the new carcass chilling process. An investment in such an installation is costly – no matter if it is an enhancement project, refurbishment or a brand new chilling process. The CAPEX assessment plan will provide a full view of the impact of:

  • Infrastructure and logistical changes
  • Footprint and building heights
  • Needed building clearance and effects for the present production
  • Requirements to the refrigeration plant
  • Idea for the scope of the entire project
  • Need for capital investment
  • Derived performance and benefits

The CAPEX assessment plan comprises the following tasks:

  1. Establish performance brief
  2. Make process simulations: identify process time and temperatures as well as requirements to the refrigeration plant
  3. Preparation of a principle layout – sketching of solution, considering space requirement and footprint.
  4. Discussion and verification of alternatives and selection of the preferred solution that will form basis for the continued design plan.
  5. Estimate capital expenditures:
    • Building structure
    • Refrigeration plant
    • Conveyor and steel structure
    • Sock distribution system
  6. Verify simulation of the chilling process time
  7. Considerations for future flexibility
  8. Estimates of benefits and pro/cons

Once you have the full picture of the scope of the project, and the preferred process alternative is selected, and you are ready to continue the design task – all of the above work can be utilized as basis for the design and engineering task.

The duration of such a task is 2 working weeks: 1 week on-site + 1 week for reporting.