Conference - Refrigeration in the supermarket sector

Esben Vendelbo Foged

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Conference - Refrigeration in the supermarket sector

During this two-day conference held on 8-9 November 2017, the participants were introduced to the different challenges and opportunities in the supermarket sector.

The focus was on energy challenges and how all parties of the cooling chain may benefit from the upcoming regulations and by having an up-to-date climate policy.

View the full conference programme here.

Billederne viser en gruppe mennersker til en konference
Esben Vendebo Foged, Danish Technological Institute  - Welcome to the conference 

Esben Vendelbo Foged, DTI, comments on the conference and current refrigeration trends in the supermarket sector - view the video here ( - shecco).

To set the framework of the conference, Advansor A/S and Danfoss, two Danish companies operating on the global market, introduced the Danish approach towards CO2 cooling and the supermarkets' shift in their choice of refrigerant - from R404A to CO2. The global market accelerator, Shecco, guided the participants through the current global trends for natural refrigerants.

Regulation through standardized regulation help to create transparency on the market and ensure a sustainable level of product quality. The Eurovent Association gave e general introduction and insight into their work. 

The conference also introduced the participants to new initiatives within the field in terms of two ongoing R&D projects, i.e. IEA HPP Annex 44 and Super supermarkets, as well as an interesting case, i.e. Lidl - Europe's greenest supermarket. Moreover, the participants learned about the potential of monitoring refrigeration plants and how the correct temperatures can result in large savings and less food waste. 

On day 2, the participants had the opportunity to participate in two group sessions focusing on the challenges for producers, suppliers and installers as well as end users, respectively.

View the minutes from the group sessions here: 

The conference was primarily targeted at suppliers of cooling systems, installers, and supermarkets, i.e. representatives from both the purchasing department, energy management, and daily operations. 

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