HETEK - Danish R&D Project on High Performance Concrete - Project

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HETEK - Danish R&D Project on High Performance Concrete - Project

Background and scope

The HETEK project was carried out between 1995 and 1997 involving several Danish contractors and research institutions in a fruitful cooperation.

The Project was based on a grant from the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs. The project was administrated by the Danish Road Directorate.

The scope was to document production and use of High Performance Concrete from the point of view of the contractors.

High Performance Concrete in Denmark is defined as concrete having a w/c ratio around 0.40 meant for aggressive environmental exposure classes (bridges, marine structures, etc.). Typically these concretes contain both silica fume and fly ash. Furthermore, High Performance Concrete is applied for structures with high demands to their durability and expected lifetime exceeding 100 years.

After finishing the project the experiences have been used for the Swedish-Danish Øresund link and also for most of the infrastructural concrete used in Denmark.

The project was sub-divided into several work tasks (see the left hand side). The work tasks were carried out by separate consortiums of contractors, consultants and research institutions.

Each work task contains State-of-the-Art, identification of research needs, execution of well defined research tasks and finally guidelines were produced especially meant for the contractor.

The published HETEK-reports (almost 60 in total), containing all the experience gathered throughout the HETEK project, can be downloaded freely under each work task.


The Project Participants are listed in the preface of each report.

They represent both consulting engineers and designers, contractors and research institutions.

About this site

The Danish Road Directorate has financed a scanning of the HETEK reports into pdf-files. This task was performed by Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre in 2005.

Please notice that some of the reports are divided into two files due to their size. Thin lines and shadows may occur on the print-outs.

For further information please contact

Claus V. Nielsen
Professional leader, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Direct telephone: +45 72 20 1068
Email: CLN@teknologisk.dk