Project - SMart IsLand Energy systems - Horizon 2020 project SMILE

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Project - SMart IsLand Energy systems - Horizon 2020 project SMILE

Project start May 2017. Project finish April 2021.

The project’s main objective is to demonstrate 9 different innovative technological solutions in large-scale smart grid demonstration projects in three island locations, namely the Orkneys (UK), Samsø (DK) and Madeira (PT). The 9 technological solutions vary from the integration of battery technology, power to heat, power to fuel, pumped hydro, electric vehicles, electricity stored on board of boats, an aggregator approach to demand side management (DSM) to predictive algorithms.

Smart IsLand

SMILE is a Horizon 2020 funded project with the goal of developing, testing and demonstrating smart grid technologies, as well as business models, within large-scale projects. The project will in addition establish mutual learning processes and providing best practice guidance for replication in other regions of Europe.

The three demonstrationpilots will test different combinations of technological solutions according to local specificities and conditions and the existing infrastructure and will involve all value chain actors needed to efficiently implement projects system-wide. Moreover, crosscutting activities among the pilots will be devoted to address, and where possible solve, common technical, organizational, legal, regulatory and market-related issues as well as to evaluate the solutions from the economic and business points of view.

The various technological solutions will be applied to real pilots on the three islands, anticipating their impact and entering the market through the direct involvement of citizens.

Danish Technological Institute is represented by its business unit for Transport and Electrical Systems and will focus its effort on the following tasks:

  • Compilation of standards, requirements and specifications for the project's battery systems on the demonstration islands of Madeira, Orkney and Samsoe.
  • Approval and follow-up of the installed battery systems
  • Implementation of intelligent charging of yachts and electric cars
  • Analysis for optimal use of batteries in the local electricity grid
  • User studies, mainly in Denmark.

EU project official website


  • Italy: Project coordinator RINA
  • United Kingdom: Community Energy Scotland, VCharge, Sunamp and Route Monkey
  • Portugal: ACIF-CCIM, EEM (Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira), MITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute) and PRSMA (Bright Curiosity, LDA)
  • Denmark: Aalborg University, Municipality of Samsoe, Samsoe Energy Academy, Samsoe Elektro and Lithium Balance
  • The Netherlands: Stichting Energy Valley and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • Greece: CERTH and DAFNI