International online conference - The Future of Air Conditioning

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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International online conference - The Future of Air Conditioning

The HVAC&R industry is becoming more and more focused on sustainability, and as part of this trend, many companies have taken on the challenge of making their products more energy efficient, stepping away from HFCs, and adopting new technologies to produce products based on natural refrigerant (NatRefs) solutions. Now, it is air conditioning’s turn to join the NatRef trend.

Jointly hosted by market accelerator Shecco and Danish Technological Institute, the online conference The Future of Air Conditioning - Natural Refrigerants was held on 23 and 24 June 2020. The conference was one of the worlds' first technical conferences to discuss natural refrigerants in air conditioning and even though the trend is in its early stages, there was a clear interest in the online conference and a wish to discuss the different topics.

The first day of the conference covered an introduction to the topic of natural refrigerants in air conditioning in terms of a keynote speech by Iain Campbell, Senior Fellow, Rocky Mountain Institute on their Cooling Prize. This was followed by a look at market trends in the industry, an overview of the Danish perspective on the topic, and a policy panel discussing existing and future regulations. The day concluded with an incentives session based on the theme of “Clean Cooling”.

The second day was more technical and began with a panel that gave a forecast on “Future Possibilities of NatRefs in HVAC.” Most of the day was taken up by two technical sessions where in-depth case studies were presented. One of these sessions focused on large-scale air conditioning applications (chillers, large-scale heat pumps, multi-split systems, etc.) and the other session focused on small-scale applications (split-units, air handling units with integrated heat pumps, etc.)

Here, you can see the programme for Day 1 and Day 2 as well as download the presentations for both days: Presentations Day 1 and Presentations Day 2.

Below, you can see the four videos presented at the conference. The videos show five different installations using natural refrigerants, i.e. water vapour, CO2, ammonia and propane.

Grafik, shecco konference

Do you consider using natural refrigerants?
Here you can get four examples of how
natural refrigerants works in practice at four large Danish companies.

1. Water Vapour Compression:
HVAC Installation at Aarhus Harbour

2. CO2 Integrated Air
Conditioning Units: Installation at
COOP Supermarket 

3. Propane Chiller, HVAC Tailor-made
Solution: Installation at Novo Nordisk
Medical Production Facility

4. Going BIG with Ammonia:
Installation at Aarhus University Hospital 

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