International online conference - The Future of Air Conditioning - Presentations day 2

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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Grøn mønster/grafik til shecco konference

International online conference - The Future of Air Conditioning - Presentations day 2


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Here, you can have a closer look at the technical cases and see ongoing work as well as see how natural refrigerants are applied for different applications. Here, you can download the presentations from the second day of the conference, and if you want to view the presentations from the first day of the conference, click here.

Welcome and introduction 
Esben Vendelbo Foged, Team Manager, Centre for Refrigeration- and Heat Pump Technology, Danish Technological Institute

Future possibilities of NatRefs in HVAC
Fionnuala Walravens, Senior Campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Menno van der Hoff, Chief Executive Director, TripleAqua

Technical session: Large Scale 1
Giacomo Pisano, Technical Sales Manger, Dorin

Sergio Girotto, President, Enex & Giacomo Tossatto, Researcher, ITC-CNR (National Research Council – Construction Technology Institute)

Technical session: Large Scale 2
Samir Hamed, Research & Development Manager, Petra (United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) MLF project)

Neal Lawrence, Senior Research Engineer, Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS)

Technical session: Small Scale 1 
Marcin Lazar, Co-Owner, HKS Lazer

Rossana Boccia, PhD Student, Technical University of Denmark

Technical session: Small Scale 2
Stefan Elbel, Chief Engineer, Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS)

Dr. Paride Gullo, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Researcher, Technocal University of Denmark (project with Danfoss)