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Centre for Policy and Business Analysis - Our services

Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard

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Centre for Policy and Business Analysis provides Danish and international political and strategic decision-makers with new knowledge and consultancy and creates new knowledge about industry and society based on facts and analyses

Centre for Policy and Business Analysis - Our services

Danish Technological Institute’s Centre for Policy and Business Analysis provides Danish and international political and strategic decisionmakers with new knowledge and consultancy and creates new knowledge about industry and society based on facts and analyses. Our clients include international institutions such as the European Commission as well as Danish local authorities, regions, government departments, organisations, and private companies.

Our services include policy analyses, technology analyses, evaluations, implementation studies, feasibility studies, comparative studies, impact assessments, surveys, foresights, scenarios, market analyses and tech-mining.

We specialise under three headings:

Education and training and competences and skills

We create knowledge about the connection between education, competences, working life and society. We examine how political objectives are realised in education systems. We analyse what citizens and employees need to know and be able to do as citizens and employees in Denmark and Europe in the future. We identify differences and similarities across Danish education and training programmes and other countries in relation to education and jobs. We use our knowledge about changes in trade and industry, technologies, labour markets, and jobs to understand changes in competence and skill needs. Moreover, we advise governments and public authorities, educational institutions, and other stakeholders.

Our international network comprises the European Commission and other international institutions as well as many universities and consultancy firms that have education and competences as their common focus. Consequently, we have a deep insight into international education and employment policies and what they mean in a Danish and international reality context.

Business analyses

We are interested in the conditions that are needed for companies to thrive and create the values on which our societies are based such as the competitive environment, innovation, research, and development and – not least – new technologies. We are experts in technology use in trade and industry, and we advise about key enabling technologies (KETs), automation, and smart technology, etc. We are also interested in the interaction that companies are part of in the society that surrounds them in Denmark as well as in Europe. These aspects ensure that our clients have access to the latest knowledge in the area in addition to an international perspective.

We analyse and advise on business and regional development, environmental policy, research and innovation policy, cluster development, and innovation systems. We map growth opportunities for Danish authorities as well as the European Commission, and we assist companies in strengthening their strategic priorities in connection with technological research, development, innovation, and monitoring of competitors.

Innovation and society

We work innovatively and analytically with the challenges of the welfare society. For instance, we evaluate and measure the effect of initiatives in the social and health areas. With our knowledge and insight, we shed light on the perspective of the users, citizens, employees, managers, and society. We are one of Denmark’s leading actors in connection with social innovation. Through workshops, strategy work, analyses, and development courses we help public as well as non-public actors to benefit from social innovation. We cooperate with municipalities and housing associations about developing housing and local areas where tenants and other residents can live a good life. We advise about housing for the elderly or citizens at risk, and we examine the local areas’ characteristics using statistics and stories about how life is lived in the areas using anthropological methods.