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The International Centre

The International Centre has been designed to co-ordinate international activities at DTI.
This includes international business development of the many professional tools DTI has developed. Co-operation with other consulting companies on international tenders is part of the business and the Centre manages a number of international contracts on its own, within the following professional areas:

  • Environment/Cleaner Production Technology
  • Energy Savings
  • Human Resource Development
  • SME Business Development
  • MSTQ

Whom do we collaborate with?

Our projects are mainly funded from

  • EU
  • Danida (Danish International Development Assistance)
  • World Bank and other International Donors

Selected projects implemented.

Where do our experts come from?

The International Centre has a long track record in collaborating with in-house experts of Danish Technological Institute in the fields of sustainability, resource management and SME-support as well as working with external experts from Denmark and abroad. Our assignments are from short-term periods up to 5 year contracts.

When designing our technical proposals and implementing awarded projects of any kind, the access to relevant expertise remains distinct. We are always interested in making new acquaintances. DTI has developed an in-house web based systems which enables us to monitor projects and to combine them with well-known experts – and new ones are more than welcomed. 

The International Centre are constantly scanning and applying for most of the projects launched by the major international donors. You are welcome to contact us to join in the pursuit of a particular project that has come to your attention.

Contact us to stay on top of things and position yourself for one of the many long- and short-term assignments and projects that we could be mutually interested in working on. We look forward to hearing from you.