Job and Career - Career development

Annemarie Drasbæk Søgaard

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Job and Career - Career development

Professional and personal development
Because the Danish Technological Institute is home to the most talented specialists in Denmark in a wide range of professional fields, much of your professional development will come from working alongside your colleagues. In addition to this, we regularly offer a range of development and vocational training activities tailored to meet the needs of the Institute, your competencies and your wishes in terms of your own career development.

We promote not only your professional development but also your personal development.

Career paths
We have a range of career-path programmes and educational programmes to support your development.

Even though we specialise in a particular professional discipline, we often work in the broader perspective as consultants. Our work has to be commercially viable, so our consultants must be business focussed, and because we sell consultancy services, education and training, and testing and development services, we must not only be equipped to solve professional tasks but also be able to create strong relationships with our customers. As a consultant, sales planning and customer understanding will be integral parts of your development programme, and you will also be offered elementary courses in economy and law.     

Project managers
Many of our consultants work in development projects, both as project managers and project participants; consequently, we have developed our own project-management training programme. In addition to this, we have a selection of courses tailored to train the skills required in specific framework programmes and projects – both in Denmark and internationally.   

As a specialist, you will still require a number of basic consulting skills as your job as a specialist will also entail customer contact and an understanding of business principles. And our specialists often work in projects, either as a participant or as a project leader. Your professional specialisation will be supported through the access to knowledge you will gain through your work at the Institute and through your varied local and, not least, international work. Often, we in Denmark are the most specialised – sometimes in the world – and consequently it is we who develop the latest knowledge in specific disciplines. In particular, we will often be the ones passing on knowledge, for example through educational programmes, developing methods or solutions, or through instruction out among companies.    

Leadership development
Good management is key for both the success of the business and for employee job satisfaction. We recruit and develop many managers internally as it is advantageous that potential leaders understand the culture within the Institute and have already established a strong network and achieved good results. However, we also recruit managers externally as this brings in new competencies and perspectives that we can use in our development. We offer talent and development programmes to managers, and we are continuously on the look out for leadership potential – both internally and externally.  

Product Manager
A head of field will usually be appointed internally and be responsible for one or more professional areas which he or she has successfully developed both professionally and in terms of business activities. As head of field, you will serve as a contact for employees working in your specialised field, but you will not have any managerial responsibilities associated with daily operations, such as annual appraisal meetings or salary appraisals. Typically, you will have particular knowledge and experience of a specialist area or of project management or business development, so you will go through some of the educational programmes associated with these fields.

Team Manager
As a head of section or team leader, you will be responsible for a group of employees, and you will be financially responsible for the team that you are heading. In addition to this, you will be responsible for overall business development of the area in which you and your employees are working. On top of the basic development activities, you will go through a leadership development programme that focusses on business development, professional management, management tools and personal leadership.

At the Institute we have a number of centres that function as financially independent units. This means that or heads of centre have a significant economic and corporate responsibility; however, this also affords them with a great deal of freedom for developing the business with a relatively short distance from decision to action. Heads of centre refer directly to the director of their relevant division, with whom they can spar on a regular basis.

We take pride in creating the very best competency-development programmes and educating the most talented employees in Denmark.