Project - Can Insects Convert Organic Household Waste into Valuable Mink Feed?

Jonas Lembcke Andersen

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Project - Can Insects Convert Organic Household Waste into Valuable Mink Feed?

WICE – Waste, Insects and Circular Economy – MUDP project no. MST 141-001193

Project start January 2016. Expected completion December 2017.

The organic fraction of household waste constitutes an important resource that Danish municipalities increasingly want to recycle in the best possible way. The basis for this approach is the Danish government’s resource strategy 'Denmark without waste', which focuses on the recycling of i.a. organic waste. The WICE project will identify the technological and economic potential by allowing insects (fly larvae) to convert source-separated organic household waste and subsequently use the produced insect biomass as feed for mink.

Danish Technological Institute has facilities for insect production in pilot-scale and analytical laboratories and equipment for determination of biogas potential and has formed a consortium with a number of relevant and competent companies.

The companies represent the entire production chain from the refuse collector to the insect producer, mink breeder, biogas plant manufacturer and manufacturer of mechanical devices. Therefore, there should be a good chance of developing a complete concept for the production of insects based on source-separated organic waste. The development work includes testing the produced larvae as feed in mink production, and the potential for the residual fraction for biogas production and/or growth media for plants will also be uncovered.

The following tasks are addressed in the project

  • Analysis of feed potential of source-separated organic household waste for selected insect species
  • Design, construction and operation of a pilot plant for the production of larvae of the type black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) and super worm (Zophobas morio)
  • Ecological risk assessment of these non-native insect species
  • Analysis of the nutritional content of larvae produced on different waste batches
  • Test of the produced larvae as food for mink
  • Determination of biogas potential for insect converted organic household waste
  • Determination of the potential for insect converted compost as growth media for plants
  • Economic perspective of the overall business potential in insect conversion of source-separated organic household waste


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Kopenhagen Fur A/S
  • MD ApS
  • Meldgaard Miljø A/S
  • Bigadan A/S
  • Hannemann Engineering ApS.

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The WICE project is a Danish cooperation between Danish Technological Institute, Kopenhagen Fur, MD, Meldgaard Environment, Bigadan and Hannemann Engineering. The project is funded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program (MUDP).