Project - Patient-specific bone repositioning using 3D planning and additive manufacturing technology

Jeppe Skinnerup Byskov

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Project - Patient-specific bone repositioning using 3D planning and additive manufacturing technology


The project is completed.

Eurostar Project

The goal is to develop and commercialise an innovative and easy to use online portal and 3D surgical planning software, and two new patient-specific radius implant products to correct bone deformities. Both products will revolutionise future reconstructive surgery and planning since they enable accurate bone reconstruction with minimum surgical effort.

1) “3D planning service” for the reconstruction plan in case the medical centre wants to outsource this task to the implant manufacturers biomedical engineers.
2) The “design and manufacturing” of patient-specific implants/guides for execution of the 3D planned bone repositioning.
3) “Licenses” of the new 3D planning software to medical centres. The software allows self design the improved PSI’s for optimal reconstructive surgery.


  • Xilloc Medical B.V., NETHERLANDS
  • Academic Medical Center, NETHERLANDS
  • Danish Technological Institute, DENMARK
  • Metrotech Engineering &Physics, DENMARK


  • The patient-specific radius plate is a new product which fit the patient’s bone geometry. It is based on a CT scan and a 3D surgical plan. After cutting the bone near the deformity the bone segments fit into the plate and bring the bone segments into the configuration as preoperatively planned. The patient-specific plate is a major mprovement compared to the standard anatomical fixation plates, which fail to restore anatomical bone realignment.
  • The patient-specific rimmed-wedge implant does not exist yet and is the ultimate product that enables minimally invasive treatment of a deformity through a tiny incision as planned preoperatively.
  • The 3D planning software created for the planning will be the first of its kind, with intelligent planning and visualization of the surgical steps that will be performed during actual reconstructive surgery.
  • 3D titanium printing techniques to manufacture the implants, and nylon printing for manufacturing surgical guides. 3D printing enables us to “mass produce” individual implants combined with automated 5-Axis CNC finishing to add treads for screw fixation.

The project ran from August 2016 to August 2018