Ressource Blokken – Upcycling of public housing from 60s and 70s

Katja Udbye Christensen

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Illustration af en bygninger og de anvendte byggekomponenter

Ressource Blokken – Upcycling of public housing from 60s and 70s

Project start January 2020. Expected completion 2023


A large amount of the public housing i Denmark from the 60s and 70s are already facing demolition. Not least due to the adoption of the so called “Ghetto-law” in 2018 and the following requirements for transformation of socio-economically vulnerable neighborhoods. The law states that in the coming years several buildings, corresponding to 1.3 mio. square meters, will be demolished, even though the buildings technical service life might still are acceptable. 

The aim of the project is to uncover the potential for reuse and recycling of the building materials from public housings facing demolition and thereby challenge the use of resources in the construction industry. The project is divided into two phases, with phase 1 focusing on the building materials in general and phase 2 focusing on the potential for reuse of entire precast concrete elements in future constructions.

The project is partially funded by Realdania.


The objective is to create the foundation for reuse and recycling of resources from public housing slated for demonlition into new constructions. This is achieved through a number of sub-goals, including:

  • Mapping the potential for reuse and recycling of building materials used in selected reference buildings.
  • Scaling the results so they can be used in relation to demolition of similar building types.
  • Generating some of the first Danish experiences with direct reuse of entire precast concrete elements in new constructions.


  • GXN Innovation (project manager)
  • JAJA Architects (project manager)
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Regnestuen
  • Enemærke & Petersen
  • Søndergaard
  • ETA Danmark


The results from phase 1 are published in a catalog of ideas (only available in Danish). The Danish Technological Institutes contribution includes mapping of resources and harmful substances, as well as investigations of the technical properties and potentiale for reuse of the concrete structures. 

The illustration at the top of the page is made by GXN Innovation. GXN Innovation has approved use of the illustration.