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AI for Robotics Lab

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) can give your company a boost through the right combination of artificial intelligence and robot technology.

Machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning. Technology with great potential has many names, and in DTI's AI for Robotics lab in Odense, we have experience with the many sub-branches of artificial intelligence -- and using AI with the latest camera and robot technology, regardless of whether the robot has arms, legs, wheels or wings.

We do this because artificial intelligence is an important technological catalyst for the robots of the future.

Where we have previously seen robots that "simply" move around among people, in the future we will increasingly experience robots in direct interaction with people and their environment. This interaction requires a link between the robot's ability to handle objects and its ability to understand and navigate the physical (and changing!) environment.

Artificial intelligence thus paves the way for autonomous robots which become better and better at understanding, analysis and making independent, secure decisions.

If you step into the factory, artificial intelligence still has infinite potential as a tool to improve products and processes in the manufacturing industry – whether it is about catching irregularities, digitizing quality control or adjusting production parameters without interrupting production. 

How can DTI help you?

  • Making the right technological choices through unbiased advice

  • Implementing AI on your robots, for example for navigation, recognising movement patterns or decoding the surroundings

  • Converting the right production data into optimized processes using artificial intelligence

  • Reducing errors and improving your company's product quality through the right combination of advanced sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence

Inspiration Library

Below we highlight eight cases where artificial intelligence plays a decisive role in the robotic solution. Click on the pictures and read more.

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AI can locate cabbage and reduce food waste

Intelligent robot to automate harvesting of tomatoes

Robots of the future grow up using AI

If you are interested in knowing more about how artificial intelligence can help your business further, contact DTI centre manager Jacob Kortbek on 72 20 11 52 or