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Steen  Christensen

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ATEX Contacts - The best help you can get

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Business Manager 
Mobile: +45 72203564

As a trained Mechanical Engineer, Frits has worked with explosion protection of mechanical equipment, CE marking, Ex-inspection and certification of mechanical equipment in accordance with the ATEX Directives since 2003. Positions at e.g. DONG POWER Engineering has given him extensive experience in planning and performing tasks such as risk assessment, requirement specification, and CE marking in all project phases - from design to commissioning of machine and process plants at home and abroad.


Senior Specialist
Mobile: +45 72202693

Steen is a trained high-power engineer with a background as electrician, and he has worked with ATEX product certification for more than 25 years - the last 10 years also with ATEX APV. Steen holds ATEX courses and advises on zone classification and Ex installation requirements, and he has experience in all applied electrical and mechanical protection principles. Steen is chairman of the Danish standardization TC31 (DS standardization committee S531).


Senior Specialist
Mobile: +45 72203466

Jakob is a trained low-flow engineer, and since 1992 he has been working on testing and certification of various products for use in explosive areas in accordance with the ATEX Directives and the IECEx certification system. Positions at Underwriters Laboratories and TÜV Nord has given him extensive experience in product certification in accordance with the EN/IEC 60079-x series of standards as well as associated risk assessments and zone classification.


Senior Consultant 
Mobile: +45 72202758

Karsten is a trained marine engineer and has been working with the ATEX directives and machinery safety since 2004. He specializes in the ATEX directive 1999/92/EF with particular expertise in preparing ATEX-APV, zone classification, risk assessments, and conducting ATEX inspections. With employment at e.g. Dong Energy, Evida, and Rambøll, he has extensive experience in the energy sector, but has also worked in other industries and areas such as machinery and process plants, and Power-to-X.