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Autonomous Robotics Lab på Teknologisk Institut med mobile robotter og droner med avancerede sensorer og kunstig intelligens

Autonomous Robotics Lab

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) can help clarify where and how autonomous mobile robots and drones can make a difference to your company.

Modern, intelligent, self-driving robots can adapt to changing environments and perform complex tasks – and they are therefore increasingly being put to work outside the normally protected production environments.

In our Autonomous Robotics lab, which is located in one of DTI's large robot innovation halls in Odense, we help companies to exploit the full potential of this new generation of robots - and ensure that they are safe to work with.

When robots have to be transferred from the factory floor to new domains and applications, it often requires advanced technology, since in many cases they have to navigate in unstructured and unfamiliar environments. Older mobile robots are generally not good at this. But with artificial intelligence, new, advanced sensors, and technologies for better human-robot interaction, we can create new potential applications for the robots.

The robot and drone specialists associated with DTI’s Autonomous Robotics lab are experts in, among other things, indoor and outdoor mobile robots and drones, position and navigation technologies, mapping technologies, robot safety, artificial intelligence, and advanced cameras and other imagers. 

How can DTI help you?

  • Mapping the options for how your company gets started or continues automating your processes with intelligent, autonomous robots and drones

  • Technologies, design principles, and knowledge to support safety

  • Advice on sensors that can expand your robot's field of vision and open up new possibilities

  • Development and testing of drone tools

Inspiration Library

Below we highlight four cases where mobile robots - combined with advanced cameras and artificial intelligence - perform tasks in domains where robotic technologies are not often used today. Click on the pictures and read more.

Spot looking for holes in the fence

Robots on construction sites

Drones for de-icing surfaces

Robot as complementary guide dog

Underground 3D measurements