Biomass for fermentation - Blue biomass

Henrik  Grothe

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Biomass for fermentation - Blue biomass

Blue biomass refers to plants and animals from aquatic environments, i.e., all organic material that is extracted from the sea or lakes. These are, for example, eel grass, seaweed, fish, starfish and mussels.

Blue biomass can i.e., used for pharmaceutical products, functional foods, foods in general, feed and bioenergy.

With an increasing world population, a large part of which is undernourished and malnourished, fish and other marine organisms are nutritionally important, e.g., because they both have a high protein content and a high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

Approx. 17% of global meat production comes from seafood, but in Denmark there is considered to be good potential for greater cultivation of both mussels and e.g., seaweed and thus give the blue biomass greater focus as a food source.