Biomass for fermentation - Yellow biomass

Lise-Lotte  Schmidt-Kallesøe

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Biomass for fermentation - Yellow biomass

Yellow biomass is straw and straw from cereals, rapeseed, and seed grass, and is today the largest biomass utilization from agriculture. Straw is used for energy production (49%), for feed (32%) and as bedding (19%).

The straw is primarily used in cogeneration plants, but there is potential to use straw for packaging, bioethanol, and high-value products such as e.g., wax and lignin for straw contain important building blocks for the bioeconomy.

The characteristic of yellow biomass is that it has a high content of sugars and lignin.

These components can form the basis for new value chains that create great potential in relation to the production of biochemicals, biomaterials (including packaging and feed ingredients), biogas, biochar and biofuels.

The yellow biomass is considered by the National Bioeconomy Panel as a biomass that should