Chemical analyses of sugars and carbohydrates

Daniel Halling Breiner

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Kemi sukker

Chemical analyses of sugars and carbohydrates

Sugars and carbohydrates are amongst the most important constituents of food, feed and other biomass. Sugars affect taste, texture and nutritional value and are amongst the mandatory parameters to declare on labels and in data sheets. Sugars may occur naturally or be added to a product and may be desired or undesired. In most cases, understanding the levels and effects of sugars and carbohydrates is simply imperative for controlling a production and ensuring product integrity and food safety.


The Chemical Laboratory of the Danish Technological Institute offers a comprehensive package of analyses of sugars and carbohydrates based on several forms of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). These include forward phase, reverse phase and size exclusion chromatography (SEC) with refraction index (RI) and UV-VIS detectors. Various forms of sample preparation can be applied or developed to maximise sensitivity for any given compound.


We deliver:

  1. Analyses of sugars in a state-of-the-art laboratory
  2. Separation of mono-, di-, and polysaccharides
  3. Detailed analysis report including chromatograms and summary of the analysis method
  4. Consultancy to interpret results
  5. Short time-to-answer

Graph sugars
Example of a chromatogram of a number of common sugars.

About us

The ISO 17025 accredited chemical laboratory in the Division of Food and Production at the Danish Technological Institute is a commercial contract laboratory with extensive experience in analyses of sugars and carbohydrates. The division employs more than 250 dedicated specialists, consultants and technicians ensuring the highest level of insight and expertise.