Piping systems and components for tap water, distribution and sewerage

Allan Rosenberg Pedersen

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Rørsystemer og komponenter

Piping systems and components for tap water, distribution and sewerage

Get the necessary overview of documentation requirements

The documentation requirements for piping systems and components for drinking water and drainage are still increasing when it comes to durability, function, and release of substances harmful to health.

Due to various national requirements, there are no harmonised standards for most products in water installations and thus no possibility of CE marking. In Denmark, the Building Act applies, and the requirements are specified in the building regulations BR18 §416 - §418.

An example of a national requirement is dezincification resistance of brass parts in contact with water, as the drinking water is regionally different and can be more or less aggressive in relation to dezincification (corrosion).

National certificates and approvals are documentation that you comply with the specific legislation.

An accredited test report and an accredited inspection report guarantee a credible documentation which can form the basis of a national certificate or approval. We offer both accredited tests and inspections.

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Information about piping systems and components for water and drainage

Approval and certification schemes
Useful information about standards and legislation in the area of water and drainage. Read more.

Does your product need to be tested or are you looking for advice and guidance? Find information abour our services here.

The water and drainage laboratories
Stay updated on our laboratory facilities and which tests and inspections we can help you with. Read more.

International overview

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you get an overview of the national requirements and the associated certification and approval schemes. This can save you time and unnecessary expenses when obtaining a product certificate.

With our internationally recognised laboratories and accredited tests and inspections, we can form the basis of an approval or a certificate by documenting that your product meets the requirements, so that you can legally market it. We are also recognised to carry out inspection and mechanical and physical tests for the German certification body DVGW CERT GmbH.

Denmark and the Nordic countries

We have a thorough knowledge of the Danish requirements for water-related products that are part of the domestic installation, water supply and drainage. This applies both to the mechanical requirements that can be documented by e.g. a VA approval (voluntary Danish scheme for water and drainage products) administered by ETA-Danmark, and to the health related requirements that can be documented by a GDV approval (approval scheme for construction products approved for drinking water) administered by the Danish Housing and Planning Authority.

We cooperate with the other Nordic authorities and test laboratories and follow the requirements in the Nordics closely.

Meet the VA-Lab

At our VA-laboratory there is a lot of cool stuff happening. Meet our colleague Francesca in the video below, hear about our VA-laboratory and how the tests that are going on in there can give you the opportunity to sell your products on different markets. 


認識 VA 實驗室

在我们的 VA 实验室,有很多有趣的事情正在发生。



Benvenuti al Laboratorio VA

Succedono un sacco di cose interessanti nel laboratorio VA! Nel video qui sotto la nostra collega Francesca ci parla del laboratorio e di come i test che vi vengono effettuati possano aiutarti a commercializzare i tuoi prodotti su diversi mercati.


How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Clarification of relevant testing requirements in specific markets.
  • Initial contact with approval authorities and certification bodies.
  • Scrutiny of norms and standards regarding testing.
  • Carry out accredited testing in relation to development and documentation, e.g. type testing, where we cover all relevant tests in collaboration with the Institute's analysis laboratories.
  • Ongoing documentation of manufacturing processes and products through inspections, GDV inspections and annual monitoring tests (audit tests).
  • Marking with "Inspected by DTI" which proofs that the product is controlled by Danish Technological Institute.