Danish Escrow Institute - Who can use us?

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Danish Escrow Institute - Who can use us?

Businesses and others who want to stay safe

The source codes of important and expensive programmes are valuable. For many companies, it is important to ensure full access to and control over the important IT programmes that may underpin their entire business. Security also plays a role for the software supplier or developer, as it is crucial for the co-operation that the customer has confidence that all precautions have been taken.

Software purchasers

If you do not safeguard your source material, you could run into problems. Even the best system suppliers can go bankrupt and take the keys to your system with them. This will prevent regular updates, correction of errors and further development of your expensive IT programme.

Danish Escrow Institute can protect you against this. We will keep the source code for your software safe, so that both you and your supplier can feel secure in the knowledge that you will always have access to the material if, for some reason, things do not go according to plan.

Software developers and distributors

When you develop or distribute software, an escrow agreement is a positive signal to send to your customer. It is a sign that you take your customer’s security seriously and that your customer can safely entrust you with orders for major development tasks - even if you are a small company. For this reason, many software developers/suppliers bring an escrow agreement to the first sales meeting with a new customer.