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Heat pump

Danish Technological Institute certified CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK test institute

Danish Technological Institute has just been approved as a test institute under Din CERTCO to carry out testing of heat pumps according to CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK (HP KEYMARK) – a common European certification with the purpose of ensuring the quality of heat pumps on the European market.

Expands cooperation across Europe
The approval as a HP KEYMARK test institute opens the way for a new European cooperation regarding testing of heat pumps for Danish Technological Institute in Denmark. The Institute already carries out testing according to ecodesign and energy labelling requirements as well as current EU standards and quality schemes, e.g. MCS and EHPA – Quality Label.

The Institute has many years of experience with the testing of heat pumps and carries out tests aimed at the Dutch market and market surveillance in cooperation with different energy agencies and EU organisations such as PROSAFE as well. PROSAFE is a common non-profit organization consisting of European market surveillance authorities.

First tests are already running
- HP KEYMARK is still new to the European market, but we are already experiencing a growing interest for the certification, says Lasse Søe, head of laboratory of the Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory at Danish Technological Institute. – Even though we have just got the approval as a HP KEYMARK test institute, the first tests are already running in our laboratory.

- and more enquiries for HP KEYMARK tests are on the way from some of the major European heat pump manufacturers, who see the HP KEYMARK certification as an opportunity to have a stronger presence in the European market.

Short delivery time
In the last few years, the test facilities of the Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory have been expanded with new test rigs and specially designed climate chambers. Thus, the facilities are fully updated to handle the rush of business in the laboratory in terms of R&D related assignments, testing of heat pumps, and other commercial assignments.

- At the moment, our time of delivery is about four to six weeks when it comes to testing of heat pumps, continues Lasse Søe, Danish Technological Institute. - This short delivery time is due to a combination of our skilled personnel, great planning and in particular a close cooperation with our customers.

Testing of heat pumps in the Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory is a close cooperation between the lab team and the customer, and there are many parameters to consider.

At Danish Technological Institute, it is possible to combine the HP KEYMARK test with other tests, e.g. testing in connection with the ecodesign and energy labelling requirements or measurements of the sound power level. Therefore, the time of delivery often depends on the type of test and whether additional test points are added. Thus, the planning of the different types of tests are closely monitored by the lab team, and it ensures that the different climate chambers and test rigs are utilized optimally.

Voluntary and independent certification
Today, heat pump manufacturers are subject to strict rules, both national and international rules, and there are many quality schemes to choose from depending on which market one operates. HP KEYMARK is a European, voluntary and independent certification initiated by the heat pump industry and owned by the European Committee of Standardization (CEN).

The scheme covers all types of heat pumps and combination heat pumps, and it includes independent third party testing, and compliance with HP KEYMARK specific requirements, e.g. product efficiency (as specified in the ecodesign requirements), safety, and construction as well as documentation.

Stronger presence in the European market
The purpose of the HP KEYMARK is i.a. to create transparency and to ensure the quality of heat pumps on the European market. As a manufacturer, distributor or importer of heat pumps, who wants to introduce a product on the European market, the HP KEYMARK can mean access to a larger market and a stronger presence on the market.

A list of certified heat pumps can be found at the CEN European Heat Pump KEYMARK website. The list makes it easier for the consumers to compare products and identify quality products.

Find more information about heat pump testing
Read more about the testing of heat pumps according to th various quality schemes and standards at Danish Technological Institute’s website: www.dti.dk/testing/

Further information
Lasse Søe, team manager and head of laboratory, Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology, Danish Technological Institute, Phone: +45 72201269 - E-mail: las@teknologisk.dk.