DTI Vision Box: Quality Control and Inspection in 2D and 3D

Michael  Nielsen

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DTI Vision Box: Quality Control and Inspection in 2D and 3D

The Danish Technological Institute offers advanced industrial vision solutions for quality control and other automated inspection.

We develop tailor-made solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies, vision algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Zero-defect production and data analysis

DTI Vision Box 2.0 can be used in production for real time process control or for objective management of product quality.

Data is logged and can also be used to correlate events with changes in the data stream. This makes it easier to achieve zero-defect production and ensure the desired quality of items.

How does the DTI Vision Box 2.0 work?

DTI Vision Box 2.0 is a flexible and complete vision platform with graphical user interface and fieldbus communication interface.

The hardware is built according to the IoT paradigm, and the software uses advanced self-diagnostics and auto-recovery, which makes the platform suitable for being part of a modern production environment.

The vision solution has a modular structure and can be continuously expanded with the addition of products or control criteria.

Why choose DTI Vision Box 2.0?

The Danish Technological Institute provides industrial vision solutions with a high degree of flexibility for production, laboratories, infrastructure, drones, waste sorting and other applications.

We only use quality hardware and the latest state-of-the-art technologies, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

As a customer, you have control over how the system is to be designed and adapted to your needs.

DTI Vision Box 2.0 is characterized by...

  • Tailor-made, advanced vision solution for your needs
  • Complete vision platform with graphical user interface and communication interface
  • Use of the latest hardware, algorithms, and artificial intelligence
  • Handling of hard, glossy, transparent, and biological items
  • Easy to integrate into PLC or robot control with DIO and fieldbus
  • Possibility of adaptation and expansion of functionality

In the video below you can see an example of an implemented DTI Vision Box at the transport chain manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech in Vejle - and what advantages it generates in combination with a robotic system.