Metal 3D printing offered flexibility and design freedom in a manifold for use with respirators

Kristoffer Ryelund Nielsen

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kig ind i metal 3D-printer

Metal 3D printing offered flexibility and design freedom in a manifold for use with respirators

When Podovo had to further develop a manifold that helps respirators to control patients breathing in the intensive care unit, they contacted the Danish Technological Institute. With a enourmous design freedom in the production of 3D printing, the Danish Technological Institute and Podovo developed a high-quality manifold, which even represents great saving for the company as well as an optimization of the production.

The collaboration between Podovo and the Danish Technological Institute has resulted in a 3D-printed manifold that supports respirators in controlling patients' breathing in the intensive care unit.

In connection with the development of the manifold, the design freedom of 3D printing has made it possible to design a high-quality construction that at the same time meets the customer's needs.

- 3D printing is exciting to work with because it gives us a flexibility and a great degree of design freedom that we do not see in other machining processes. We have a completely different process here, where we make use of some completely different design rules and design possibilities, so it gives us a completely new dimension in mechanical construction, says Nicklas Lassen, founder of Podovo.

Watch a video about the collaboration (in danish) 

In addition to the design advantages of 3D printing, the collaboration between Teknologisk Institut and Podovo has also provided great savings as well as improved efficiency: By removing all unnecessary material, the volume was minimized, and it made it possible to print twice as many manifolds at the same time.

The collaboration has been hugely rewarding, since we passed the ball to the Danish Technological Institute early in the process. By doing, so we obtained competent and professional feedback which was needed to achieve a construction that fits exactly to their constructional set-up. And thus, the cheapest possible price

- Nicklas Lassen, Podovo