Introduction to 3D printing - Learn the best 'new' manufacturing technology

Brian Lykke Christensen

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Metalpulver i 3D-printer - aluminium

Introduction to 3D printing - Learn the best 'new' manufacturing technology

Tailored customer solutions, logistical challenges, and digitization of the production chain place new demands on future production methods. Industrial manufacturing with 3D printing – or Additive Manufacturing - offers a number of advantages in design, production time and price, which fit the customers' increasing demands for flexible products and short deadlines.

With the 3D printers, you can essentially produce anything that can be drawn in a computer. The items are built layer by layer of the desired material in the machine - for example by melting or welding thin layers of powder, or by hardening liquid using laser light.

An analysis shows that many Danish companies overlook Additive Manufacturing as a method in their production and therefore miss the advantages that this production technique offers. But with an active effort, most companies can succeed in including Additive Manufacturing in their production.

30 years of experience with Additive Manufacturing

At Danish Technological Institute, we have 30 years of experience within Additive Manufacturing - from the development of prototypes and small series to the use of Additive Manufacturing as an integrated part of the production chain. We offer 3D-printed items in all kinds of material, from metal and plastic to ceramics and wax.

We focus on delivering a complete solution and therefore offer a coherent value chain from optimization of design, manufacturing, finishing, quality assurance and certification to technology transfer and implementation in the industry.

In our modern laboratories in Aarhus, we have a wide variety of Additive Manufacturing technologies, so we can tailor a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

You are always welcome to contact us and have an informal conversation about your options. We also offer a number of courses within Additive Manufacturing, and we can arrange a specific course that suits your company and your employees' needs.

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