Oils and Fats: Need support?

Asger Munch Smidt-Jensen

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Oils and Fats: Need support?

Oils and Fats: Analysis and Product & Process development

Danish Technological Institute offers multiple services for analysis and processing of oils and fats for the benefit of businesses working with food production. Oils’ fatty acid profile can determine their health benefits and their oxidative stability can contribute to ensure that the desired oil-based product attributes and quality are maintained throughout the entire product shelf life.

Their crystallization behavior can control texture, mouthfeel, and product stability, just to name a few. Oils and fats can be formulated into emulsions to prevent oil and water from separating. However, oils and fats can be tricky to work with.

Our services are relevant to you if: you work with product development, improving durability and ensuring quality of food formulated with oils and fats such as salad dressings, chocolate spread, mayonnaise, and sauces (e.g. bearnaise).

DTI can assist you with

  • Determination of the lipid composition of oils and fats, e.g. determination of the content of essential fatty acids
  • Analysis of the oxidative stability of oils (e.g. by ESR) and the time that a sample takes to oxidize at a specific temperature (e.g. by Differential scanning calorimetry)
  • Analysis of oil-based products (e.g. emulsions) including particle size (e.g. using Zetasizer or Turbiscan), melting point, rheological behavior, accelerated aging (e.g. using Turbiscan) and microscopic images
  • Oil extraction (e.g. pressing) and processing (e.g. encapsulation of omega-3; distillation)
  • Formulation of oils and fats into food or cosmetics (e.g. production of stable emulsions)
  • Structuring of fish oil and vegetable oil using oleogels theory
  • Replacement of palm oil or trans-fat in food products