Plastics technology - Plastic tubes

Frederik R Steenstrup

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Plastics technology - Plastic tubes

Danish Technological Institute commands updated knowledge on material, product and process technology.

This knowledge, in combination with process analysis and testing equipment, gives the optimal scope for the services we provide in the form of counselling, development and documentation. In our laboratory environments, it is possible to carry out material development and production of plastic components.

Danish Technological Institute functions as a testing laboratory in the No-Dig area, and within this area we can carry out the following:  

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Counselling on product and material development
  • Material and product testing in accordance with standards, quality control, damage analysis and defect analysis
  • Inspection and status assessment
  • Pressure testing of tubes
  • Important testing equipment includes tensile testing, shrink frames, pressure testing equipment, box-loading (BLT)
  • Strength calculation of plastic constructions such as plastic tubes and composite items 
  • Residual lifespan of plastic products such as district heating pipes