Pure and safe drinking water

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Drikkevand drinking water

Pure and safe drinking water

In Denmark, we have the luxury of being able to pump pure and safe drinking water directly from the underground. However, this luxury is not to be taken for granted. At Danish Technological Institute, we assist utilities and water technology companies in developing solutions that ensure clean water for future generations - and innovative solutions for countries all over the world.

Drinking water faces severe challenges

In Denmark, the quality of the Danish groundwater-based drinking water is challenged by the continuous findings of pesticides and degradation products hereof. At the moment, more than 30% of all Danish ground water wells are challenged with the significant findings of different pesticide residues and their metabolites and it’s expected to increase with the expanding national and EU water quality testing programs. Many other countries worldwide face the similar challenges, which might become even bigger when the source for drinking water production is surface water bodies. 

At DTI, we are continuously working on the identification and verification of up-to date technological solutions that will enable the consumers (e.g., water utilities) to produce clean- and safe drinking water to the final consumers, which live up to government regulations.

A range of chemical, biological and biochemical treatments where the final goal is an easy and quick implementation at drinking water utilities worldwide are for the moment under development at DTI - in close collaboration with the innovative technology providers and drinking water utilities as the end-user. DTI’s services also cover a range of present and emerging challenges that drinking water utilities are daily experiencing during the water production and supply to the consumers.   


Reasons to work with DTI

Our experienced specialists assist drinking water facilities of different sizes by identifying possible measures to ensure clean and safe water. In parallel, we develop the required technological solutions in close collaboration with technology providers and assist concept development through technology testing. We have extensive laboratory facilities, suitable for proof-of-concept at different scales.

DTI leads a range of research and development (R&D) projects and is recognized as a frontrunner in the field. 


Counselling for drinking water utilities 

We provide counselling for drinking water utilities and individual waterworks, related to optimization of removal processes related to natural pollutants (e.g.  ammonium, iron and manganese) and unnatural man-made pollutants (e.g. pesticides) from groundwaters.

The focus of on-going R&D projects is i.e. sustainable reduction of energy consumption in sand filters upon innovative removal of iron-oxide induced filter-clogging, introduction and boosting of biological and chemical pesticide removal at waterworks, on site regeneration of saturated granular-activated carbon filters for pesticide reduction etc. 

Furthermore, we continuously search for and test abilities of novel adsorption materials for remove of unwanted water pollutants, such as DMS, DPC, TFA, PFAS. 

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