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Risk assessment

The production of safe foods is crucial for staying in business. Withdrawal of products are often seen in the press, and it is an expensive experience to be on the front page.

Errors occur inevitably from time to time during production, and calculations on microbial hazards must be made to determine whether the products are still safe. A valid assessment and documentation of how microbial hazards might have increased during the failed process can be used to decide whether the products must be destroyed or how the product can be retreated for safe distribution.  

Two different services - depending on the nature of the risk

  1. A theoretical assessment on microbial inactivation, survival or growth based on your data and information
    You send us data and relevant information by mail, and we send you our report within 1-2 working days depending on the nature of the risk.
  2. Trouble shooting on production site to locate the risk factors and how to handle the risks
    We visit your production site, and in close collaboration we eliminate the risk factors.

Problem solving performed for the Nordic meat industry

Case 1
The chilling of a batch of ham failed, and the process did not fulfil the requirements in the company HACCP program. The preservation and the time/temperature profile from the production was looked over and used to predict inactivation, survival and growth of pathogenic bacteria. The report was used to document that the failure in the process did not affect the safety of the product, which could then be sold without food safety risk.   

Case 2
A feed producing company was challenged by contamination of a harmful bacteria somewhere in the production line. The quality of the product was not acceptable at the end of shelf life. The spoiled product was examined, and the microbial reason for spoilage was identified. Then the entire process was looked over. The investigation showed that more than one process step were the reason for the problem. The company was advised to change different procedures related to time and temperature in the process to obtain the needed shelf life.

With these services you can obtain:

  • Calculation of the risk at hand
  • Documentation on how the process and preservation affect inactivation, survival or growth of pathogenic bacteria in the product during processing or storage
  • Recommendation on how to improve the process and/or preservation to obtain a safe product
  • Recommendation on whether the product can be sold, or whether it must be destroyed
  • Recommendation on how the product might be saved by decreasing the identified risk