Ultrasonic Spray Deposition - Uses & Advantages

Kristian Oluf Sylvester-Hvid

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lab worker in front of a computer screen with a spray deposition robot in the background

Ultrasonic Spray Deposition - Uses & Advantages

Do you need to apply and evaluate a new coating? Are you considering a new deposition technique?

At DTI we have a highly automized ultrasonic spray deposition system It features integrated sensors, high flexibility in adjusting production parameters and place in a controlled climate. This makes it suitable for both R&D tasks as well as pilot production within a wide range of applications.

General advantages of Ultrasonic Spray Deposition technology include thin uniform coating thickness down to sub-micron level, high coating efficiency & uniform droplet size. It allows for control over porosity and the system is both self-cleaning and user-friendly to operate.

There are several specific advantages of the equipment at DTI. We can make non-uniform coating thickness & have an inline quality control system to confirm process parameters not only after deposition, but also continuously during the process. We also have ink characterization of the ink to be deposited. These techniques include laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, zeta potential & rheology.

What can DTI help you with?

  • Material/ink characterization and optimization
  • Screening of coatings
  • Deposition optimization
  • Other applications

Additional options for characterization of products:

Real-time, in-line automated quality control for fuel cells

The Danish Technological Institute has established an automated fuel cell electrode manufacturing platform with integrated quality control.
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