Sustainability: RETAP have received help through the SPIN project

Anne-Lise Høg Lejre

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Sustainability: RETAP have received help through the SPIN project

Credibility is at stake if the development process and supply chain does not support sustainability, when you sell and market a sustainable product.
It was RETAPs background to initiate cooperation with the Technological Institute and the SPIN project.

Retap is a Scandinavian company that wants to change the way you drink water companies by offering a clean, environmentally friendly and cost effective drinking bottle, replacing the use of water in plastic bottles and other disposable packaging. Retap was founded to do away with excessive and unnecessary use of plastic bottles each year contribute more 15 million. tons of plastic waste, while paying up to 2,000 times the price of water alone. There is a focus on easy handling and cleaning, and the bottle is designed to fit in with any company with the possibility of adapting the logo and the lid so it is consistent with the company's graphic identity.

RETAP is in the middle of the introduction phase of a new environmentally friendly glass bottle for drinking water, and the main task of the cooperation has been the creation and setup of the supply chain and internal procedures related to sourcing and planning.

The course has RETAPs management and consultants from Danish Technological Institute identified these processes, including with the RO process reference model SCOR and carried out a series of talks about expansion of sustainability.

"We have worked with the new mapping techniques and used them when we had to make decisions or faced a difficult choice. Process together with the consultants has been good and constructive, although we also had extremely busy getting the bottles ready and ready for delivery, "says Lars Brøndum Petersen, CEO of RETAP in Denmark.

The new glass bottle is a clear sustainable operations and mapping have provided the overview needed to support sustainability. In brief, the result of cooperation:

A sustainable concept in a much better supply chain, which includes the transport from supplier to market is greatly reduced
A number of methods and tools in future support the sustainable development

Read more about the new environmentally friendly glass bottle and RETAP on or download their fact sheet: