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Temperature - Danish National Metrology Laboratory

In nearly all industrial processes it is important that the temperature is known and within certain limits.

To ensure that the measurements are carried out with a sufficient accuracy, the measurement instruments have to be calibrated.The temperature laboratory at Danish Technological Institute offers calibration of all types of thermometers by comparison to a reference thermometer in the range -80 °C to 1100 °C.

We have high-end facilities that allow us to calibrate Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRT) in fixed points according to ITS-90 in all ranges from the Argon triple point to the freezing point of aluminium (-190 °C to 660 °C). As a supplementary service we offer electrical calibration, temperature simulators and - calibrators.

For many years we have offered consultancy services concerning correct temperature measurements and uncertainty analysis to producers of measuring equipment, pharmaceutical industry, process industry and calibration laboratories. The temperature laboratory is appointed National Reference Laboratory for Contact Thermometry by the Danish Agency for Trade and Industry.

As a Metrology Laboratory (MI) we take part in intercomparisons with other European NMI’s at the highest international level.

We regularly invite industry and laboratories to participate in accredited intercomparisons -
see Proficiency testing.

The laboratory is accredited by The Danish Accreditation Service (DANAK) – see www.danak.dk registration No. 200 for detailed specifications of the calibration services and uncertainties.

We offer calibration of instruments for temperature measurement


  • RTD’s such as Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 and indicators
  • SPRT’s both by comparison and in fixed points
  • Thermistors
  • Thermocouples and indicators
  • Air-temperature sensors and indicators
  • Dry-block calibrators including homogeneity check according to the EURAMET/cg-13 guideline
  • Micro-baths
  • Temperature dataloggers

Electrical calibration of

  • Temperature indicators
  • Temperature simulators
  • Resistors
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Data loggers and recorders

Coordinator for several national and international temperature intercomparison schemes.
Participant in several international projects and intercomparisons e.g.:

EUROMET 1318: EURAMET.T-K9 Regional key comparison: ITS-90 SPRT Calibration from the
                             Ar TP to the Zn FP
EUROMET 1149: Comparison of surface temperature calibrations
EUROMET 1061: Comparison of Air Temperature Calibrations
EUROMET 1058: Bilateral Comparison of the realisations of the ITS-90 at the Mercury point
EUROMET   899: EURAMET.T-K7: key comparison of water triple point cells
EUROMET   820: EURAMET-T K4: Comparison of the realizations of the ITS-90 at the freezing
                             points of Al (660,323 °C) and Ag (961,78 °C)
EUROMET   552: Comparison of the realisation of the ITS-90 in the range 83.805 K to 692.677 K
EUROMET   440: Uncertainties in Temperature Measurements.
EUROMET   411: Traceability in infrared radiation thermometry from -50 °C to 800 °C (TRIRAT).
EUROMET   391: Intercomparison of the freezing point of Indium
EUROMET   278: Intercomparison of water triple-point cell
EUROMET   260: Determination of non-uniqueness of the ITS-90 in the range between the
                             aluminium and silver freezing points.
EUROMET   253: Comparison of temperature scales