Water and Energy Flow - Danish Metrology Institute for Water Flow

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Water and Energy Flow - Danish Metrology Institute for Water Flow

Accurate measurement of water and energy flow in piping systems is important for billing purposes, in district heating supply systems and in process control. The Flow Laboratory at Danish Technological Institute offers testing and calibration of flow and energy meters as well as fluid technical measurements for valves, regulators, pumps, etc. in pipe dimensions up to 300 mm. The flow capacity is 500 m3/h and we are able to perform the calibrations at water temperatures ranging from 4 °C to 85 °C.

We are authorised to control measurement and verification of water and heat meters and to perform type tests according to OIML R-75, EN 1434 and EN 14154.

For many years we have offered consultancy services concerning correct flow and energy measurements to producers of measuring equipment, district heating plants and calibration laboratories.

The Flow Laboratory is appointed Danish Metrology Institute for Water Flow (volume, mass and energy flow). And as a national metrology laboratory we participate in intercomparison with other European NMI’s at the highest international level.

The laboratory is accredited by The Danish Accreditation Service (DANAK) – see DANAK Reg. 200  for detailed specifications of the calibration services and uncertainties.

We offer calibration of instruments for water flow and energy flow

Water flow

  • Magnetic inductive meters
  • Vortex meters
  • Turbine meters
  • Impeller water meters
  • Voltmann meters
  • Displacement meters
  • Ultrasound meters
  • Mass flow meters
  • Venturi meters

Accredited calibration on-site of flow meters DN100 to DN1000 with Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) in the range 0.25 - 17.000 m3/h with ±0.9 % uncertainty. 

Energy flow

  • Heat meters ranging up 500 m3/h at water temperatures ranging from 4 °C to 85 °C. Liquid baths for temperature difference.
  • Furthermore, we offer measurement of pressure loss and capacity of valves, water plugs and other equipment.


  • Pilot laboratory in large BCR intercomparison for water flow with participation of laboratories from 11 countries including PTB (De), NEL (UK) and SP (Se)
  • Coordinator for the Danish national flow intercomparison schemes
  • Participant in several international projects and intercomparisons i.e.:
    EUROMET 862: Intercomparison on water/heat meters at 50 °C for 50 mm pipe
    EUROMET 573: Intercomparison of small water flow facilities
    EUROMET.M.FF-K1: Intercomparison of water flow: 30 - 300 m3/h
  • Participant in national and international standardisation Groups.