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We have many years of experience in advising and providing impartial analyses on water within different systems. We integrate microbiology and chemistry into the solution to water problems, after the damage is done and as part of the preventive process and monitoring. We have a well-equipped microbiological laboratory at our disposal and offer fast and precise answers. 

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Identification, quantification and assessment of bacteria and chemical substances in water systems
  • Examination of coatings, blocks, deposits and corrosion
  • Analysis, sampling and troubleshooting of water systems
  • Source tracing of pollution of potable water
  • Structure and implementation of contingency plans, self-regulation systems and DDS examination, HACCP
  • Product development, consultancy and dimensioning within water purification technology
  • Unravelling of faecal pollution in surface water, including bathing water