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Danish Technological Institute has many years of experience with workplace development and understand almost all lines of business.

Workplace development

Danish Technological Institute carries out and participates in a wide range of projects in connection with organisational development. We focus on in-service and continuing education and training, competence and skill analysis, working environment as well as human resource development. We have worked with workplace development for many years and have insight into almost all sectors of trade and industry.

The 4th Industrial Revolution
Many trades and sectors are currently undergoing a huge transformation. Fast technological and digital developments are changing the way we do our jobs. We already know that technology will take over some jobs completely and other jobs will need to be redefined. This development is often called the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.

Understanding the technological development
Industry 4.0 places new demands on organisations, employees, and educational institutions. We help you by identifying what is happening in your trade or industry sector. We also examine how technological developments will shape your organisation, jobs, and individual employees in the years to come. In this way, we help you to adapt and develop your business in relation to the demands of the future.

Create a good framework for your employees
Danish Technological Institute also has strong competences in connection with the psychological and physical working environment and development of managers and employees. We examine the job satisfaction of your employees and give you tools that will help you to create the best workplace that focuses on your employees’ job satisfaction as well as productivity. We have conducted many workshops focusing on employees’ job satisfaction over the years.

How can we help you?

  • Analysis of the future job market within specific areas or sectors
  • Skill and competence analyses of jobs or sectors
  • Identification of relevant in-house and continuing education and training of employees
  • Analysis of employee satisfaction – physically as well as mentally
  • Workshops focusing on your employees’ job satisfaction