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20 L fermentor i pilot

20L Fermentor

A 20L fermentor is used to carry out biofermentation processes on a pilot scale, which falls between laboratory and industrial scale.

The fermentation process can be applied to a wide range of products beyond food, such as chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Biomass, consisting of, for example, microorganisms or plant material, is converted using, for example, yeast or bacteria.

In a biofermentation process, biotechnology is used to select, modify, and optimize microorganisms to produce specific biosolutions. In biofermentation processes, it is the task of biotechnology to utilize microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, or plant cells to manufacture desired biosolutions.

Additionally, biotechnology can be used for the development and optimization of the fermentation process by monitoring and controlling growth conditions to achieve high yields and quality of biosolutions.

The biofermentation process can produce a wide range of biosolutions for industries such as food production, biochemical production, and pharmaceutical production.

The available gases we work with

• Air

• O2

• N2

• CO2

• H2.

We can cultivate aerobically and anaerobically with the following microorganisms

• Fungi

• Bacteria

• Microalgae

• Yeast

Our 20L fermentor

Gas supply controlled by MFC; ring sparger; gas mixing chamber.

Variable speed, temperature, pH, and gas supply for optimization.

 Sensors: Temperature, pH, DO, foam.

Option to add batch with two different feed media.

RF20.1 - stainless steel fermentor (38 L Total volume):

Working volume8 – 28 L
MFC for Air flow rate (l/min)1,2 - 60 L/min (2 VVM)
Co2 flow rate / o2 flow rate / n2 flowrate / H2 flowrate0.3-1 (VVM) / 0.3-1 (VVM) / 0.3-1(VVM) / 0.3-1 (VVM)
Mixer typeBottom mounted 3x Rushton
Mixer rotation speed (rpm)40-600 (rpm)
Vessel Operating temperature (°C)5-135 °C

En fermentor i en biofermenteringsproces er en beholder, der muliggør kontrol og optimering af mikrobielle vækstbetingelser til produktion af biologiske produkter. En biofermenteringsproces er en bioteknologisk proces, hvor mikroorganismer såsom bakteri

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

The 20L fermentor is a part of Danish Technological Institute's Biosolutions Technology Center​, where we offer laboratory and pilot testing in the field of biorefining and biofermentation. Our equipment is often involved as a subprocess in the development of innovative products - either in research and development projects or in direct collaborations with companies.

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