3D printing Consultancy - Design optimization

Malthe Wellendorf Gissel

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3D printing Consultancy - Design optimization

3D printing makes it possible to produce components with a level of complexity that has not been possible before, and you can add functionality as an integral part of a printed component.

For example, does your component need to be lighter while still retaining the necessary strength? Do you need built-in vibration damping? Or how about flow control of continuous fluid flow? The possibilities are many - and most of them require advanced simulations to be fully utilized.

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Topology optimization

In general, the design freedom in 3D printing is much greater than with traditional manufacturing methods. This provides some unique opportunities to create lightweight components or components with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

One of the tools we use is topology optimization, which is a computer-aided design approach. Topology optimization can e.g. be used to design a component with the stiffest possible construction while having the least possible mass. Or you could design the component, so its natural frequency falls within a specific range. It is also possible to achieve a significantly lower weight by using lattice structures in the design.

At the Danish Technological Institute, we have both the expertise and the software to create such advanced product designs for your specific application.