ATEX User Directive 1999/92/EC - Get help from our specialists

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ATEX User Directive 1999/92/EC - Get help from our specialists

When you go to work, you should feel certain that your workplace is safe and that you do not risk injury - the user directive will ensure this.

Directive 1999/92/EC - also known as the ATEX workplace directive - aims to ensure the safety of workers in environments and areas where there is a risk of the formation of explosive atmospheres in the form of gas, vapor, or dust. It is the responsibility of the company itself to determine whether these dangers exist and whether the company is therefore covered by the directive.

The directive sets specific requirements for the preparation of an Extended Workplace Assessment (EWA), often referred to as ATEX EWA. The content typically covers:

  • EX-logoMapping the risk of the formation of explosive atmospheres
  • Preparation of a zone classification
  • Assessment of potential ignition sources
  • Planning appropriate technical and administrative measures
  • Implementation of procedures and instructions for work in hazardous areas
  • Conducting ATEX training for relevant employees

In Denmark, the Labour Inspectorate and the emergency preparedness (municipal council) are the authorities responsible for enforcing the workplace directive. It is the Labour Inspectorate that can impose fines and injunctions if they find that things are not in order – for example, due to an inadequate ATEX EWA or a lack of zone classification. Insurance companies also consider the directive when assessing whether to insure a company.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you regarding the ATEX user directive?

Over many years, the Danish Technological Institute has gained extensive expertise in this field, and we can offer the following services:

  • Preparation of ATEX EWA
  • Preparation of zone classification and associated classification plans (overview drawings)
  • Conducting risk assessments on plants and installations
  • Identification of appropriate safety measures
  • Evaluation of the applied explosion protection
  • Structuring of the ATEX EWA action plan For both gas and dust, determination of explosion parameters, such as:
    - Flash point
    - Ignition temperature
    - Upper (UEL) and lower (LEL) explosion limits
  • Conducting initial and other mandatory Ex inspections
  • Preparation of Ex maintenance plans
  • Courses and training in ATEX safety
  • Training of Ex maintenance personnel
  • Training in connection with Ex protection principles
  • Evaluation of completed ATEX repairs and/or modifications
  • Consultation regarding compliance with requirements and implementation of measures
  • Specification of ATEX requirements for equipment and materials

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive technical experience, we have helped many companies implement the requirements of Directive 1999/92/EC by preparing an ATEX EWA. We are also happy to assist your company in finding the right solutions to meet ATEX requirements.

Feel free to contact us for further information.