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Courses, Training and Workshops - Open courses - Open courses

DTI offers a variety of courses relevant to the oil and gas industry, addressing targeted topics for oil field specialists, technical staff and general managers.

The DTI course program covers the whole management chain of microbial issues, from sampling to analysis, decision-making and overall managing strategies for microbial control.

DTI offers the following courses to operators and service companies involved in the oil and gas industry:

NEW Course in H2S chemistry, microbiology and impact on HSE (1-day course).
The course is addressing microbiologically generated hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in technical facilities such as offshore windmill foundations, engines for ships, biogas production, oil and gas facilities. Technical staff from these industries are invited to join. Chemistry of sulfur and H2S generation by microbes at a technical level is presented. Furthermore, the impact on safety and health is described. The course is aiming at increasing the understanding of the properties of H2S and analytical techniques to better counteract corrosion, safety incidents, and downtime.  
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Oil Field and Petroleum Microbiology (2-day course)
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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in the Oil and Gas Industry (1-day course)
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Offshore Sampling and Microbiological Monitoring Strategies (1-day course)
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Subsurface Microbiology, Souring, Biodegradation and MEOR (1-day course)
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All our open courses are held at our premises in Aarhus, Denmark. We also offer to conduct closed company courses, covering specific issues and topics relevant to your company operations.
Please contact us for an informal discussion on how we can assist you with designing a course specific to your needs, or to sign up for an open course.