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Claus Schøn Poulsen

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Varmepumper forside

Heat pumps

The technology behind heat pumps is one of the most evident technologies in order to Europe becoming fossil-free. Both in Denmark and the rest of EU, the politicians have discovered that heat pumps is key to the rolling-out of renewable energy, including electricity produced by windmills. Both in relation to society and one's own financial situation, heat pumps work very well, and when, at the same time, heat pumps have been documented to have a positive impact on our climate, they should be ascribed a more central position in the international energy policy

In Denmark, it is traditional to use heat pumps both privately and professionally, but the market has never reached the samme height as in the neighbouring countries. Even though many political initiatives have been proposed, and the technology behind heat pumps is secured and well-documented, heat pumps still suffer from lacking acquaintance among the citizens. The fluctuating energy prices in recent years, new oil tanks and the media coverage of the climate change have resulted in a minor upturn in the business, but the great potential still remains.

At Danish Technological Institute, we have during recent years been occupied with different activities within the field of heat pumps. For more than 30 years, we have helped companies with everything from accredited testing to upgrading of skills of electricians. If you wish the enter the market of heat pumps with a new line of products. we are qualified to help you as well.

Information about heat pumps

Is it time for your heat pump to be tested, or do you need counselling? Find information about our different services here.

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Standards and legislation
Useful information about standards and legislation within the field of heat pumps.

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Read more about our selection of courses.

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Download the calculation programme HP FAT here, if you need to conduct an examination of a future heat pump application.

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Read more about the development and findings in our projects about heat pumps.

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Heat Pump Laboratory
What is our Heat Pump Laboratory working on at the moment?

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Large heat pumps for industry and district heating
Learn more about the application of big heat pumps for production of heat in distric heating systems and industrial plants.

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